Applying MRX Drops is a simple process, and when applied correctly you’ll see results within approximately 7 days.

View the video below to see how easy it is to apply MRX Drops:

MRX Drops can be applied in three easy steps: 


Clean the affected area and let dry *


Place a small drop of MRX Drops on the area, rub gently in a circular motion (until you see a whitish paste form) and let the formula dry for 3 minutes. When the formula has completely dried, you’ll notice that it looks similar to a liquid bandage.


Apply MRX Drops twice (2x) per day until the skin clears.

MRX Drops Tips

The following tips will help you maximize the efficiency of your MRX Drops:

  • Avoid getting MRX Drops on clothing – MRX Drops will stain clothing, and while we have not found an acceptable method for removing stains, some patients have reported success using rubbing alcohol (there is no guarantee – so avoid getting MRX Drops on clothing!). To best avoid staining clothes, be sure to let the formula dry completely before covering.
  • MRX Drops is safe for use on sensitive areas – MRX Drops is safe to apply to the face and genital areas; however, you should avoid getting the product in your eyes.
  • Redness and scabbing are normal – You may notice that the lesions begin to turn red and scab over within about 7 days. This is a normal part of the healing process.
  • MRX Drops is non-toxic – If you accidentally ingest MRX Drops, do not worry! It is completely safe if accidentally ingested. Contact your doctor if you have any concerns or if you swallow a large amount of the formula