Are you interested in receiving a $30 rebate
on your product* purchase?

Our goal is to show doctors and patients first-hand that MolluscumRx works! By sharing your before and after photos with us, you will be helping others prevent unnecessary treatment caused by acids, burning, and cutting of molluscum lesions.

Should you be interested in participating in this very limited opportunity, please read the guidelines below.

  1. Photos must be of infected area (no names or faces will be used and participant’s identities will be kept confidential) with the MolluscumRx bottle in at least one photo.
  2. Each photo must be clear. Use bright or natural lighting.
  3. Each photo must be consistent. When taking comparison photos, keep the photographed area in the same position. See examples below.
  4. Take photos on a weekly basis until the lesions are resolved.
  5. Try to send us your first photo before applying your first treatment. This will allow us to make sure there are no issues with the lighting in your photos.
  6. When you have completed your treatment, email the remaining photos to
  7. We will process your $30 rebate immediately when your photos have met all of these guidelines.


*This applies to MolluscumRx bottle only.